Postal Notes

This is the beginning of a project in which I will write about stamps, postal history, and post systems. I have some experience writing, but my past topics of computers and software no longer interest me as writing topics. Stamps, postal history, and postal systems (everything from the Pony Express to modern postal mechanization) are areas where I have an intense interest, so they seem suitable topics for the continuation of my writing.

Why are stamps interesting?  Why are stamps important?  What is interesting about something as pedestrian as postage stamps?  These are some of the questions I have been asked about my hobby.  You might not realize it, but all these answers are related. Stamps are interesting because they are pedestrian and historically significant.  They are miniature mirrors that reflect our history as nations and as human beings.  Stamps are snapshots, point-in-time portraiture of our values, what we hold dear, and what we have lost.  I collect, learn, and write about stamps because stamps are about me…and they are about you.

Postal history and postal systems are the natural extension of my interest in stamps, because each stamp is not just a thing in itself.  Each stamp is a catalyst, an engine that powers a network.  This network, the postal service, connects us all.  Before the internet, before the telegraph, one human being could write a letter to another, put a stamp on it, and be assured that it would be collected, routed, carried (and later trucked, flown, or transported via rail) across a town, state, or nation to their remote party.  All before flush toilets and electricity. That is what I love about stamps and postal history.


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