Giving Stamps As Gifts

Plenty of stamp collecting blogs are talking about Christmas stamps, especially overseas where there seem to be much more interesting Christmas stamps than in the United States.  Instead, I’d like to ask who gives you stamps, or to whom you give them as gifts Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.  I’m not talking about throwing the wife a coil, but rather taking the time to select stamps, mount them so they are protected, and/or arrange them so they are visually appealing in a frame, under glass.

Since I took up collecting stamps again, I’ve given my wife a few framed sets of stamps.  These are mostly definitives with no particular significance except that I thought she would find the stamps attractive and relevant to her interests.  Generally, they have been series of flowers, but they could a collection of any topic interest.  My lady wants to become a pilot, so I’m rounding up air mail stamps right now to put in a frame this weekend.

How about other forms of stamps as gifts?  I read recently (link) about the locket given by Colonel Ned Green to his wife containing one of the famous Inverted Jenny stamps.  I thought that was an ingenious idea for a woman who appreciates stamps.  Can you give your family too many stamps?


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