All 2011 Commemorative Issues Will Be Forever Stamps

Well, I have to agree with Letter Writers Alliance blog that I a) don’t particular like the idea of all stamps being Forever stamps and b) that I really dislike the Liberty Bell stamp.

I personally don’t care for Forever stamps because I like the way the face value of a stamp dates it to a particular era.  It’s nice to see an 8 cent Air Mail stamp and know that it’s a piece of history without going through the Scott Catalog or Mystic‘s website.  That being said, I understand the cost savings of a Forever stamp for both the US Postal Service and the consumer.

I don’t like the Liberty Bell stamp simply because I feel it lacks imagination. I grew up near Philadelphia and I love the symbol of the Liberty Bell.  I just feel that this stamp could have been better.

I do lament what I see as a decline in quality of stamps and how some anti-counterfeiting technologies make it harder to remove stamps for collecting.  Modern stamps often are double-ply and have non-water soluble adhesive on the back, while water soluble adhesive holds the plies together.  Try soaking that off and the stamp falls apart.

LWA’s post can be found here.


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