Stamps More Interesting than #292 – Part 3

I have to give props to the new 2011 stamps.  There really isn’t a stamp that I don’t like this year, and quite a few that I really like, not the least of which is the new Kansas statehood stamp.

A beautiful blue sky, green hills, and golden prairie background windmills, often the symbol of Kansas, past and present.  The older weather vane style windmill in the foreground has an art deco feel and sits nicely in the almost-center of the stamp. 1861 and Kansas are elegantly featured at the top of the stamp encouraging collectors and enthusiasts to seek out the history of Kansas themselves.

This isn’t the first Kansas statehood stamp.  #1183 was released back in 1961 commemorating the Kansas centennial.  The stamp shows a sunflower, the state flower, and a pioneer family with a covered wagon. Behind the pioneers stands a stockade, presumably to denote Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the home of the United States Disciplinary Barracks.

Kansas achieved statehood on January 29, 1861. At that point, several Southern states had already seceded from the Union, and within a few short weeks, the Civil War began.


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