Partial Privatization vs Shutdown vs Autonomy

I’ve long believed that shutting down US Postal Service in favor of private options is a horrible idea.  I’m a laissez faire socialist at best, but for historical reasons, the Postal Service is hugely important.  I’m also not a big fan of the idea of privatization of the Postal Service, which just feels like ‘shutdown’ in a cheap tux.  It’s only a matter of time before the US Postal Service is even worse off under that model.  But the partial privatization idea proposed in Bryant Fong’s editorial at The Pioneer, one of Whitman College‘s student publications, makes a lot of sense.

For my mind, I think the US Postal Service would do better as a government owned corporation like Amtrak.  Sure, there are challenges involved with any kind of organizational change, especially going from government entity to for-profit corporation, but perhaps this would permit the USPS to operate more efficiently and effectively.  Either way, there are tough choices ahead for the USPS.  Sure, the volume of mail is much lower; most people mention that, but I think there are other more costly issues like pensioning the aging postal employees.  Think of the last time you were in a post office.  Did you see anyone under the age of 45 behind the counter?


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